Skagen Hagen Connected Review: Elegantly Analog (Video)

With Pebble no longer in the picture after the Fitbit deal, some of our esteemed members of the Pocketnow team, like Juan Carlos Bagnell, are on a quest to find a suitable replacement. Meet Skagen — no, not the town in the far north of Denmark — the company (situated in the same town) that manufactures watches, jewelry, leather accessories, gifts and home goods.

Over the course of these past couple of years we’ve seen many takes on smartwatches, from those fully digital (placing LCD and OLED screens on your wrists), to analog alternatives (like this Hagen Connected), and everything in between (combining the best of both worlds like some of Martian’s offerings).

Check out our Skagen Hagen Connected review to find out more about the product. We’ve put it to the test and have a lot of things to say about it, but, in the end, we’re curious about what you have to say. Drop us a comment below and let us know whether an analog smartwatch is something that could improve your life, make you more productive, in an elegant manner.

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