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SK Telink will sell iPhone 3GS later this month

By Jules Wang June 14, 2018, 4:39 pm

In a bout of happenstance and nostalgia, SK Telink MVNO 7mobile will sell a limited number of iPhone 3GS later this month for the equivalent of around $40 with no service obligations.

The Electronic Times reports that the company had unearthed a crate of unsold, completely new stock from when the phone was launched some 9 years almost to the date. After some due diligence testing, the phones were repackaged and are awaiting sale.

Marketing for the iPhone 3GS has been on the cheeky side. The header image features a passage on how the device lacks Face ID, but has Touch ID. “Just push it,” the text reads.

Phones are sold as-is. The iPhone 3GS supports iOS 6.1.6 as its most up-to-date software platform, though it isn’t clear if the phones come pre-loaded with its original support version of iOS 3 nor if Apple’s servers will send any updates to bring the phones up to iOS 6.1.6. Also, customers would also have to be cautious of carrier band support as even 3G networks are being reworked for 5G.

When a burner phone can’t even be a burner phone anymore, will customers approaching this with fresh eyes see a paperweight, an eBay fortune or just pure fun?

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