webOS is a funny creature. There are a lot of analogies that could describe its perseverance, but the two I usually default to are the scrappy little kid that keeps throwing himself against a bully despite numerous beat-downs, or the cockroach that just won’t go away even in nuclear winter. Neither of those two are particularly flattering comparisons, so instead we just call it the Chicago Cubs of the mobile world. Every year is “Wait ‘til next year.”

And yet, we still keep writing about this mostly defunct operating system. Last week, two pieces of news came up in the feeds. The first was “HP is officially shutting down the App Store, account servers, etc.” The second was “LG is going to have a webOS smartwatch in addition to its new TV operating system – webOS 2.0” Ok, so the webOS 2.0 part hurt a little bit, but new hardware! New mobile hardware! We’ll talk about the LG webOS smartwatch a little later, but this was pretty bad news followed by some pretty good news.

Not all bad

Before we go any further, we should take a moment to recognize that HP did delay the full shutdown of services by two months, so the new deadline to get your webOS affairs in order is March 15th. So that’s a bit of a positive. Believe it or not, there are still webOS stalwarts out there that are not throwing in the towel despite this – how shall we call it – setback. But for the most part the end is near for your non-Android running TouchPad and Pre hardware.

But at the same time, LG is bringing webOS back into the spotlight by showing off a webOS watch. Granted this isn’t due out until 2016, but this is still interesting stuff. What will the future of webOS bring? Who knows any more? Michael Fisher and I are the two biggest webOS geeks on this staff, if not on the whole site, and even we’re not sure what this means for the platform.

But however you want to look at it, six years later, we’re still writing about it. That’s more than you can say for a lot of software. It’s just so… Well, anyway.

Wait ‘til next year.

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