Siri can now take voice commands for seamless PayPal transactions in 30 countries

Can you believe it’s taken this long for probably the world’s largest Internet payment platform to meet up with arguably the most popular intelligent personal assistant, and enable very simple voice commands for quickly sending and receiving e-money?

Well, it’s good to see Siri support officially offered to PayPal customers, and better late than never, right? Besides, Apple will still hold bragging rights over rival AI services like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or the newly released Google Assistant, none of which allows users of Android, Windows or Echo devices to magically make payments by uttering a few words.

“Hey Siri, send Bill $50 using PayPal.” That’s all you need to say starting today, November 10, after you download the free iOS app on iPhones and iPads running the latest platform build. Of course, it doesn’t have to be $50, and Bill isn’t the only one that could use a little financial relief for the painful recent election loss.

You can even ask for some holiday dough via voice (in case you weren’t already ashamed of still living off your parents), and Siri will take PayPal directives in no less than 30 countries and a variety of languages, including Australia, Canada (English and French), China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, UK, and United Arab Emirates (Arabic).

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