Apple’s Siri speaker in production, may be ready later this year

We presume that Samsung won’t be releasing a smart speaker anytime soon using its Bixby voice-powered digital assistant, — it’s a little lost in translation at the moment — but the gambling goes on between Google and Amazon for pieces of that market.

Even though artificial intelligence services might not be your cup of tea now, Silicon Valley is keen on jamming it into processors, cameras, phones and, ultimately, your face. One such player that has long been looked at to be bound to this fate is Apple. There was recent word that a new chipset would mark the company’s official entry into the arena, but for a longer time, we’ve been wondering about when the pioneering Siri would come to us in a tabletop pill.

Well, Bloomberg now reports from sources that such a device has entered into production and could be announced as soon as June 5 at WWDC. Sales would be pushed back to “later in the year”. Taipei-based Inventec will add this job lot to the AirPods contract it already has.

The project was near the end of prototyping late last year and is now said to feature “virtual surround sound technology”.

The speaker will aim to reclaim early adopters of competing speakers that don’t support Apple’s services such as Apple Music and HomeKit, thus retaining revenue that the company should’ve had in the first place. It is not clear if Apple will close off its services ecosystem to competitors, though app developers have been working with the publicly available Siri SDK.

CEO Tim Cook aims to raise annual services revenue to $48 billion by 2020, double what Apple recorded in fiscal 2016.

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