Apple invests on expanding Siri with a new back-end

Even though Siri started the new trend of digital assistants on smartphones, it seems that Apple has completely neglected the service since the departure of Scott Forstall. We’ve seen all of its competing services getting better in every platform update, and the Siri saw very few improvements with iOS 8. Apple has a lot to fix when it comes to Siri’s reliability, and it seems that its new plan is to do just that.

Apple is now officially operating Siri on its third-generation system for handling queries, and this time it’s using the open source Mesos platform that’s already famous for powering services like Twitter and eBay. According to Apple engineers, the move to Mesos will reduce latency, assist scalability to broader markets and services, and make it easier to expand Siri to new capabilities. The engineers also mentioned that Siri comprises around 100 services on a Mesos cluster, on many thousands of nodes. The funny part is when you hear the name of Apple’s custom Mesos scheduler. According to the publication:

“It’s called J.A.R.V.I.S., which is short for Just A Rather Very Intelligent Scheduler. It’s named after Tony Stark’s intelligent computer assistant in the Iron Man movies (and technically, I’m told, his human butler in the old comic books).”

This is a good move at a time when Siri will clearly be of more use to Apple Watch users. It’s just hard to confirm if the benefits of this move will be visible now.

Source: Mesosphere
Via: 9to5Mac

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