Silicone caps protecting Butterfly keyboard in latest MacBook Pro models

The latest MacBook Pro iterations feature keyboards with the notoriously faulty Butterfly switches, but this time around, they’re quieter. So Apple says, at least.

In its coverage of tearing down the latest MacBooks, iFixit has revealed that the switches have remain unchanged, more or less, but it also suggests that part of the quieting method for the switches may have to do with what the company has done, begrudgingly, to protect its Butterfly design.

Below the keycap, technicians will find a new, thin layer of silicon encasing the switch plots to protect the switches from being disabled from obstructing particles — a large wave of complaints to Apple about a bit of dust or a grain of sand may have forced the company to offer an extended warranty to owners of its Butterfly-equipped MacBooks.

The quieting effect may be demonstrable, but if the company told The Verge that the device was not designed specifically to cope with obstruction issues, then there’s a complex tapestry above Apple’s lack of apology on this specific topic.

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