ShiftWear sneakers use e-paper to let you change their look via smartphone

E-ink, electronic paper, electrophoretic displays – by whatever name you refer to them, the displays that made the Kindle a household name and gave the YotaPhone its second screen represent some pretty fascinating technology. Their ability to retain an image without consuming power makes them eminently suitable for mobile purposes, and while some important limitations have prevented wider adoption, we look forward to seeing what more and more manufacturers can do with them. One of the latest to turn to the tech for a mobile device brings us one of the most unusual wearables we’ve seen to date, as ShiftWear crowdfunds a sneaker with an integrated e-paper display.

Pop on a pair of ShiftWear shoes, available in low-, medium-, and hi-top builds, fire up the connected smartphone app, and you can instantly customize your footwear with a new look – the body of the shoes themselves contains a flexible e-paper panel that allows users to change their design on the fly.

Users will be able to go with their choice of low-power static designs, or even upload animations that will loop through their artwork at the cost of battery life. Under ideal conditions, at least, expect to get a solid month of wear between charges – not too shabby. Hell, if certain crowdfunding targets are bet, the sneakers could even pick up support for wireless charging or even walk-to-charge tech.

Additional perks for funding targets include an upgrade to an HD-resolution display and even a color screen.

It all sounds a bit ambitious, but as the crew behind ShiftWear, none of this tech is particular new – it’s just a matter of getting it all together and making it affordable. Will ShiftWear stand up to the rigors of real-world abuse? Will the finished product deliver on all that’s being promised? We should find out in about a year, with the first wave of ShiftWear sneakers promised for fall of 2016.

You can secure your own order of ShiftWear sneakers by visiting the Indiegogo page now – pairs start for as little as $150.

Source: Indiegogo

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