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NVIDIA’s got another hardware recall to deal with: Shield Pro Android TV box

By Stephen Schenck September 14, 2015, 10:23 am

Does bad luck exist? A rational mind would think not, but considering all the missteps NVIDIA’s been dealing with lately, it’s easy to see how you might be tempted to believe otherwise. First we  saw major OEMs lose their taste for Tegra-series SoCs, then NVIDIA’s own hardware suffered the public embarrassment of a recall, as certain Shield Tablet models were identified as posing a fire risk due to faulty batteries. Lest you think that was all in NVIDIA’s past, now the company’s got another hardware failure it has to deal with, offering users replacements for faulty Shield Pro Android TV boxes.

Luckily, we’re not looking at any fire risk this time around. Instead, the problem’s with the hard drive present in certain Shield set-top boxes. NVIDIA sells both a $200 model with 16GB solid-state storage, as well as a $300 “Pro” model with a 500GB hard drive. For users with the latter, there’s a risk that the hard drive is bad and will get worse over time.

NVIDIA offers some tips on spotting units with these bad drives, pointing to symptoms like displaying a Fastboot menu during installation of a system update – it may clear on reset, but even having it pop up at all is a hint that your drive’s on the way out. For other users, the problem will manifest on-screen, with pixelated tiles. If your Shield Pro exhibits any of these behaviors, you’re going to want to get a replacement model ASAP; hit up the source link for full details on both testing your Shield Pro box, and getting set up with a replacement unit if needed.

Source: NVIDIA
Via: PC World

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