It’s happening: ‘Shatterproof’ Moto Z2 Force is essentially confirmed to see daylight on July 25

Following in the footsteps of the June 2016-unveiled Moto Z and Z Force, Lenovo’s main second-gen flagship(s) continue to keep us waiting, wondering and hoping. Hoping for a headphone jack revival, mostly, despite recent evidence to the contrary, and wondering if perhaps the regular Moto Z2 will be canned, as some tipsters seem to believe, even after repeated benchmark visits.

Either way, the “shatterproof”, ultra-high-end Moto Z2 Force is now pretty much guaranteed to finally go official on July 25 in New York, so at least the waiting looks to be over soon.

This time, the announcement date is more than an educated guess too, with the #hellomotoworld event aiming to “shatter your expectations.” Teasers don’t get more obvious than that, as the original Z Force sported a virtually unbreakable display with ShatterShield technology, powered by an “exclusive five-layer protection system” and offering “unbeatable peace of mind.”

Unfortunately, the latest buzz-building image supplied to members of the tech media includes no hints to other devices that could join the 6GB RAM-packing Moto Z2 Force at the NYC shindig.

It’s therefore possible that the upper mid-range X4 will see daylight later in the year, maybe alongside those confusingly repetitive G5S and G5S Plus, with a “standard” Z2 either held up or canceled altogether.

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