Shady new rumors tackle possible 5-inch iPhone 8, wireless charging, iris scanner, and more

It’s one step forward, two steps back for iPhone 8 rumors again, as the latest plausible report on Apple’s next-gen iOS handheld family is quickly followed by a decidedly sketchy pair of speculative “news” stories based on obscure “industry sources” from Taiwan.

You’re likely to find it increasingly difficult to filter out the unreliable inside information, since there’s not really any factual evidence to support even the best guesses from the most reputable tipsters and analysts.

Technically, everything’s still possible, including this wild plan of Apple rolling out a 4.7 and 5.5-inch 2017 iPhone, plus a 5-incher. Only one of the three would purportedly support wireless charging, and it wouldn’t be the groundbreaking kind.

No long-range cable-free charging, rumor has it, and no QI pad or dock sold as standard alongside the glass-backed iPhone 8. That pesky but useful Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter may cost extra starting this year as well, and you’ll also need to buy a USB Type-C to Lightning cord separately if you want the option.

Meanwhile, it’s possible (although not probable) that Apple will fit an iris scanner on the top-shelf OLED iPhone 8 configuration, following Samsung’s suit rather than the other way around, just like with inductive wireless charging tech.

Production is speculated to kick off as early as this very quarter, but no one realistically expects Cupertino to unveil anything before September. Best case scenario, if components are indeed put together in March or April, that leaves more time than usual for quality control and whatnot.

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