SFR France Unveils Android 4.0.5, Talks About Updates And Dates

Just yesterday we’ve heard of an Android 4.0.4 version being available, unofficially, for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and now we’re hearing about the existence of Android 4.0.5. The information comes from French carrier SFR who also published the table above regarding versions and dates.

As you can see, HTC Sensation will get the Android 4.0 update (together with Sense 3.5) and so will the Samsung Galaxy S II. The carrier talks about a March availability which goes nicely with manufacturer statements about Q1 roll-out. However, we know about the update from HTC when they announced the white Sensation which will come with ICS. Is the Taiwanese company saving Sense 4.0 for its 2012 MWC line-up?

The Samsung-made Google Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S phones will get a so far unknown version of Android, which is 4.0.5. The timeframe seems to be March too, like in the previous case above. While there is no info regarding improvements or additions in Android 4.0.5, it will be interesting to see what Google managed to pack in this minor revision.

Also, keep in mind that for carrier-branded devices the ROM updates might be rolling out later than for unlocked devices; this means that users of unlocked International Galaxy S II devices might get the refresh somewhat earlier. Still, “March” is long enough with 31 days in the calendar.

Source: SFR

Via: AndroidPolice

Thanks: Dmitriy

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