Sevenhugs Smart Remote aims to free your smartphone from connected-home duty

Whether your house is rocking a smart thermostat, lighting control, or any number of other connected-home technologies, you’re likely using your smartphone to interact with all this gear. And while that’s a pretty ideal fit, you don’t always want to tie your phone up with that kind of remote-control duty. For users looking to enhance their collection of connected-home tech with an easy, central control solution, or maybe get started for the first time with a ready-to-use-out-of-the-box kit, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote might be right up their alley. This week we checked in with Sevenhugs at ShowStoppers at CES 2016 to see just what this accessory can do.

The Smart Remote works with products like Philips Hue lights, Sonos speakers, and the Nest Learning Thermostat. You can even use it with your existing “dumb” lights by plugging them in to the included set of three connected socket adapters. Then, instead of whipping out your smartphone every time you want to raise the lights or turn up the temperature, you just pick up the lightweight, contextual remote.

While the Sevenhugs Smart Remote would look right at home on any end table or counter top, its magnetic charging base also lets you slap it on a wall and interact with it a lot like a traditional switch – albeit one with a touchscreen display. That may seem like a step backwards, but like we said, a smartphone – as universally adaptable as it is – isn’t always the perfect fit for every task; we are nothing if not creatures of habit, and reaching for a remote or a wall-mounted switch is still the most natural way to control home environments for a lot of users.

Sevenhugs is still finishing up development on the Smart Remote, and plans to get pre-orders going sometime this quarter, before shipping the Remote in September.

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Source: Sevenhugs

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