You now have seven minutes to delete WhatsApp messages ‘for everyone’

After joining the billion-user club a few months ago (more than a year and a half, if you count monthly active users), WhatsApp is gunning for the next billion with a mix of simplicity, security and convenience one could reasonably deem superior to the features and functionality of sister app Facebook Messenger.

In fact, the Mark Zuckerberg-founded social media juggernaut seems to have quietly added a stellar new component to the service it acquired back in 2014 that its preeminent instant messaging platform doesn’t yet support.

We’re talking about an option to “delete messages for everyone”, which has reportedly been in testing for the better part of a year, gradually rolling out as we speak to the WhatsApp-communicating masses.

Both the sender and the recipient of a message the former may want to vanish for a variety of reasons will need to update to the “latest version” of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. If that essential condition is met, erasing a drunk text becomes as easy as tapping and holding a message, then choosing “Delete” from the extended menu, and finally, “Delete for Everyone.”

Neither you, nor the recipient will be able to see the message in question anymore… as long as you perform the above steps within seven minutes of sending an embarrassing or wrong note to an individual or group. That’s far from enough time to wake up from a drunken stupor, but it’s much better than the 30 seconds you get to unsend a Gmail e-message.

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