Sense 3.5 From HTC Bliss Features And Screenshots

After yesterday’s pictures of the upcoming HTC Bliss, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s female-targeted Android phone, here comes new information, this time regarding the new Sense user interface to be on top of Android once the Bliss hits the markets.

We know the Bliss will feature HTC Sense 3.5, but how does it differ from Sense 3.0? Because of all the animations and visual cookies of Sense 3.0, it wasn’t backwards compatible with older devices, earlier single-cores and slower CPU models as they couldn’t cope with all the graphics. It appears that Sense 3.5 will indeed be, if HTC wants to offer it to previous models (and then there’s always the development community).

First off, the lock screen will still feature the lock ring and the shortcut icons for fast access to your favorite programs but it will additionally show notifications for weather and probably some more, as you can see in the image above. The main widgets look reportedly refreshed and more polished and Sense 3.5 is also bringing some new ones, in addition to different new widget sizes.

Since we’re not talking about a qHD display, the new Sense seems to use up more screen real estate by hiding the lower area of the screen and replacing it with two icons: one for your application list and one for your phone. As a result, the widgets can be larger and indeed they are, just take a look at the weather widget below.


In the image below you can see the new notification center display for the currently connected wireless network. Below that, you’ll still see you running applications a la Sense 3.0 but claims their version is a beta release and that the final variant to be shipping on the Bliss will indeed be more polished.




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