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Selling icons for iOS 14 has made a designer $100K in just six days

By Samuel Martinez October 2, 2020, 11:28 pm
iOS 14

It seems that there are people who aren’t that uncomfortable with the way Apple manages its App Store. A recent post shows that the platform is great for making money if you have a bit of creativity and some luck since a designer has recently told the world how he made more than $100,000 by selling icons for iOS 14.

Designer and Twitter user Traf posted some iOS 14 setup images on his iPhone, and they received immediate attention. He then collected the set of icons he had designed for his iOS 14 home screen, packaged them, and uploaded them for sale. This tweet was posted on September 20, and just six days later, he had managed to get a total profit of $101,528, which has probably increased by now.


“The right content, posted at the right time, can create unimaginable results. Although there’s likely plenty of other variables that went into making this work, there are a few key insights that I think increased my odds.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Traf had made a profit out of creating new icons, as he also explained how he made $17 for selling iOS icons online, back in 2013, when jailbreaking was trendy. This first experience taught him the value of creativity, and he now enjoys the results of putting some effort into new creations, while still keeping an appealing price tag. The icon package is still available, and you can get it for just $28, just in case you want to change the way iOS 14 your iPhone looks.

“In 2013, the jailbreaking days of iOS were in full effect. Inspired, I created and sold an icon set titled ‘Greyish HD’ on the Cydia store for $0.99. It was the first few dollars I ever made on the internet. I think I made a total of $17, and it was magical.”

Source Apple Insider


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