Pocketnow readers know very well by now that we are all for getting the coolest tech by spending the least amount of money on it. If you’ve been following us we’ve also been telling you how to get the most money out of your used devices. Swappa is the answer in both cases, and today we’re here to tell you that the smartphone you no longer pick up, the camera you no longer use, the laptop or tablet that’s sitting in your drawer… all of these can get you some cash. What good are they to you if they’re just sitting around? Let someone else have them, and make some money while at it! Sell them on Swappa.

Sell your unused smartphone on Swappa

It doesn’t really matter if it’s this year’s model, or you already upgraded. If you have a phone laying around somewhere in your house without using it, you’re leaving money on the table. Plain and simple! So how about taking this opportunity and turning an otherwise currently useless device to you into cash you can spend or reinvest?

Head over to Swappa and make a listing! Hit the Sell button and put it out there for someone who might need it but can’t afford a brand new one. Of course, the guys at Swappa will heavily scrutinize your product, as they’re all for transparency. And so are we! They want to make sure that what the buyer is buying is actually what the seller is selling. And you don’t even have to worry about the fees. They have the lowest ones in the industry. We have a separate article on how to get the most money for your used phone. Check it out! If you happen to read this article while looking to buy a phone, we’ve got you covered too!

Sell your unused tablet on Swappa

Same applies for tablets. Whether Android or iPad, if you don’t use it, sell it! Head over to Swappa, create a listing, and let potential buyers on the lookout for a used tablet know that you’ve got one for sale.

Sell other unused gadgets

Well, Swappa isn’t just the place for smartphones and tablets. Cameras, lenses, photography accessories in general, laptops, gaming consoles, and even games; you can raise some cash for the new year by basically selling anything that’s just laying around without you using it.

If you want to sell your photography gear, follow this link and list it.

If you want to turn your gaming console or gaming titles into dollars, this is where you have to go.

We thank Swappa for sponsoring this article!

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