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We may soon find self-healing glass on Samsung smartphones

By Samuel Martinez August 15, 2018, 10:18 am

A couple of weeks ago we got information that Samsung was working on some sort of unbreakable panel that would keep their AMOLED screens safe. Today we get information that there’s also a patent for self-healing glass coating that was filed last February. This oleophobic coating is to be applied to the cover glass of mobile devices, but it won’t necessarily stop the screen from breaking.

Samsung has been looking for ways to improve their devices. They have been investing in research and development of new technology and materials to make smartphones keep evolving. Today we have found out, thanks to the World Intellectual Property Organization, that Samsung filed a patent for a “film” or “laminate” which includes compounds like polyhedral silsesquioxane and polyrotaxane in its composition. The main reason for this coating is to eliminate fingerprint spots from their glass panels.

Now, if we add up the recent launch of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6, Samsung’s unbreakable display glass and this new self-healing oleophobic coating. We could expect something good from Samsung in future smartphones. But just in case, don’t go dropping your phone to find out if it will break or not.

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