You want the answer straight away? Samsung. Not some car manufacturer, not some trendy start-up, not an established behemoth (or at least not one in the car industry). Samsung. The information comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The Korea Herald, in its report, is citing data from the European Patent Office, and that data reveals that Samsung has filed 624 out of those.

Similarly, you probably won’t guess who came in second. Again, not a car-related company. Intel, with 590. Qualcomm is at 361, LG filed 348, and Bosch 343. Interestingly, all of these companies are giants, but not operating directly in the car business.

We know 5G, the Internet of Things, always being connected, and other buzzwords are not only trends, but the future. It does make a lot of sense for tech companies to pioneer automotive development, as the entire car industry is crossing the blurred line between vehicles and tech. As a matter of fact, the report states that from the top 10 companies filing patents for self-driving cars, only three have anything to do with the car industry: Bosch, Toyota Motor Corp. and Continental AG.

Europe accounted for 37.2 percent of the patents, followed by the United States with 33.7 percent. South Korea accounted for 7 percent, falling behind Japan’s 13 percent but standing higher than China’s 3 percent“, says the report. You can find more specific details at the source link, talking about specific markets, and makers like Hyundai.

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