Google’s Self-Driving Cars and Some Android Tech That You Can Use Today (Video)

A couple states have passed (or are working on) legislation to “license” cars that can drive all by themselves. No, really! Google is at the forefront of this technology, but it’s still going to be some time before it lands in your garage. Google, learning from its Street View project, is taking things to the next level: self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars use a variety of sensors to identify where they are and what’s surrounding them. You can’t go down to the dealership and have one of these car drive you off the lot — not yet anyway. You can, however, get a taste of what this technology can do to help you become a better driver, and you can do it today!

I took an Android app, iOnRoad, for a spin in my car. If you can get past the bouncing of the camera you can get a quick look at how an app can use your phone, its camera, and a sturdy mount to watch the road ahead of you and warn you when you’re going out of your lane, following too closely, or going too fast.

How does it work? Let’s take it for a ride!

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