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From smart vacuums to smart lawnmowers, tech slowly takes over your life

By Roland Udvarlaki September 6, 2021, 12:45 pm
Segway Navimow

Here at Pocketnow we cover all sorts of technology products and services, including robot vacuums as part of our coverage. What a robot vacuum can do for you indoors — save you precious time — a robot lawnmower can do for you outdoors. These two product categories are very similar. Enter the new Segway Navimow.

Segway unveiled its new robot mower, called Navimow. It uses GPS to stay on your lawn, and within the geo-restriction zone, it determines. The new smart robot doesn’t require a lot of setups, and you won’t need to install any boundary wires or anything to ensure it stays on your lawn.


Segway says that the new Navimow uses Exact Fusion Locating Systems to keep the “precise positions and systematic mowing patterns.” The company also promises accurate positions up to two centimeters, which is impressive. If, for whatever reason, the robot loses connection or the GPS signal is too weak, the Navimow will use its built-in sensors to keep mowing. Navimow can also handle includes of 45-degrees, and it runs at 54dB – which is about the same level as a normal conversation.

The mower’s boundaries can be set up using a smartphone and the official app. You can set the areas you want to cut, and which ones the robot should avoid – just like Roborock S6 MaxV that we reviewed last year. Segway also says that Navimow’s algorithm “determines a systemic mowing path” and won’t attempt to cut already mowed areas.

To ensure the mower is safe and family-friendly, it uses a Blade Halt technology that can detect toys, pets, and even kids and stop the blade from spinning. That’s not all; while Navimow can withstand rainfall and heavy splashing, and high-pressure water jets, the built-in sensors can detect rain. Once detected, the robot will automatically go back to its charging station to juice up and get ready to go back outside once the rain is stopped.

Segway hasn’t mentioned when the Navimow will be available in US, but we already have the pricing in euros for the four different models it will be selling.

Navimow H500E500 square meters or 5,400 sq. feet€1,199 or about $1,425
Navimow H800E800 square meters or 8,600 sq. feet€1,499 or about $1,780
Navimow H1500E1,500 square meters or 16,145 sq. feet€1,999 or about $2,275
Navimow H3000E3,000 square meters or 33,000 sq. feet€2,499 or about $2,970



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