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If you download Zune 4.7, which is available now, you can get a window (no pun intended) into all of the apps that are currently available for Windows Phone 7. Also, we get to see the all-important pricing for various apps. The most expensive app seems to be the game Rocket Riot, which is going for $7. The other prices seem to be on par with what you’ll find in the Android Market or Apple App Store: most of the simple apps are free, while the average price of a utility is around $2. Right now, there are only about 60 apps available, but that number should inflate to about 2,000 come launch time. Let’s take a look at some of more interesting apps that are already entering the app store:

GoVoice for Google Voice, $2.99


That’s right, an app for Google Voice! Through this app, you can make calls (it doesn’t specify whether 3G data calls are suported), receive and send SMS, and access your transcribed voicemails. It also utilizes the Metro interface to allow you to swap between your various inboxes. Awesome!

Huffington Post, Free


Quite simply, this app lets you read Huffington Post content for free. It uses the Metro interface to let you swap between the front page and the section index. It also lets you share a message via Facebook, Twitter, or through SMS.

Twitt, Free


The first Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 isn’t the official Twitter client, but it looks quite good. It also uses the Metro interface to move through your feed, mentions, and messages.

Update: As commenter Avid points out, apps seem to be constantly trickling in. The Huffington Post app wasn’t available just an hour ago.

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