Second-generation Amazon Echo gets PRODUCT(RED) edition for charity

Red gadgets seem to be in style this holiday season, although ironically, the recent avalanche of smartphones and smart speakers coated in the color of love has come after Apple’s silent discontinuation of its snazzy and charitable iPhone 7 special edition.

Interestingly enough, Amazon is joining the same cause that Cupertino has been supporting for years, adding a Limited Edition (RED) Echo to a fund and awareness-raising product lineup including everything from headphones to iPad cases, Apple Watch bands, clothing items, fashion accessories and even various toiletries.

Already available in an assortment of paint jobs and eye-catching finishes, the “all-new” Echo will expand that selection on December 6, when the PRODUCT(RED) edition is due for a commercial release.

In the meantime, you can pre-order the fiery device at its standard $99.99 price, 10 bucks of which will be donated to the AIDS-fighting Global Fund. Apart from a revised shade of the 2nd generation Amazon Echo’s fabric, the “new” flavor is in no way different from charcoal, sandstone, heather gray, silver, oak or walnut models.

That means you get the same “room filling sound” across the board, 360-degree omnidirectional audio, seven built-in microphones, noise cancellation, hands-free Alexa assistance, smart home controls, and audio calls to US, Mexico and Canada at no charge. The difference is, if you buy the Limited Edition (RED) Amazon Echo, you’ll also get this warm feeling inside from actually contributing to a noble cause.

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