Second-gen Facebook Phone is ‘probably not’ happening, if you were wondering

It’s been over two years since we called a time of death on the unfortunately named HTC First, colloquially known as the “Facebook Phone”, and the Second is still nowhere in sight. The reasons are profuse and pretty obvious, and whether you hold Facebook, HTC or even AT&T primarily responsible for the social network-centric 4.3-inch handheld’s misstep, there’s no question its failure will haunt all forces involved for many years to come.

But they say time heals all wounds, and with an increasing chunk of Mark Zuckerberg’s colossal profits generated by mobile ads, you’d think FB is at least considering a sophomore hardware effort. Perhaps something with a little more pizazz, wider carrier availability, and a different mass-manufacturing partner.

Samsung’s name has frequently come up in association with Facebook of late, as the Korean smartphone champ grows closer to Oculus VR, a virtual reality-focused company which serves as FB subsidiary since last year.

However, Facebook VP of the Messaging Products division just quashed all speculation… for now, saying the HTC First will “probably not” get a sequel. Ever? Well, that’s a long time, and if there’s one thing the continuously shifting tech industry has taught us, it’s that plans change literally every day.

For the foreseeable future, Facebook wants to concentrate on doing what it does best, and further nurturing the world’s largest social platform, alongside the rapidly expanding Messenger app. Recently, the California-based money maker also dived into digital assistant service waters, and overall, its main focus shall remain software. Besides, any phone can be a “Facebook Phone” if hardcore fans truly want that.

Source: Cnet

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