Second-gen Apple Watch still due out this year, likely alongside iPhone 7 in September

Is the wearable fad already a thing of the past? Probably not, but Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Huawei have to step on the smartwatch hardware improvement gas to stop the immature market from shrinking any further.

There’s only so much super-affordable fitness bands can accomplish, and while the first-gen Apple Watch has sold better than some analysts expected, a sequel is now badly needed to revitalize demand.

Ideally, the Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch S would revise its predecessor’s love-or-hate design, slimming down its profile, reducing bulk and perhaps adding curves to the mix. More importantly, this can’t turn a blind eye to battery life complaints, and last but not least, standalone utility will also require a big boost.

Unfortunately, all that “supply chain sources” are ready to share about the highly anticipated follow-up is that it’s “estimated to be unveiled in September or October.” We kind of figured as much when the spring ETA of an incremental “S” upgrade didn’t pan out, though a delay until February or March 2017 wasn’t entirely out of the question either.

It sounds like it is now, and the iPhone 7 or 6SE could make its commercial debut on September 16 chaperoned by a compatible new timepiece, hopefully with enhanced independence. No iPad mini 5 then this fall?

Source: Digitimes

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