Screenshots of the New TouchFLO 3D v2.5

When the Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 get the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade later this summer, it looks like they are getting a new version of TouchFLO 3D (Manila v2.5) that stretches the interface a bit deeper and makes it more customizable than seen on the current iteration. If not on the Diamond2 and Touch Pro2, we’ll likely see Manila v2.5 on the upcoming Firestone.

For the Home tab, HTC has put forth efforts to bring frequently used tasks to the surface; in this case, the user can place three shortcut buttons that presumably go to a program, contact, or system command. Also, the calendar is still on the Home tab, though we wonder if that section will auto-collapse or simply act as a link.

More screenshots plus a video after the jump!

It seems that HTC Footprints, first launched on the 2009 version of the Touch Cruise, will make its way to all newer versions of TouchFLO 3D. Footprints lets you associate geographical coordinates with a photo.

Settings are going to go much deeper. Currently in TouchFLO 3D, there are only a handful of system settings that are skinned by HTC. Now, it looks like most things, down to Program and Storage, Regional, and even Text Input setting are skinned.

And here are those Text Input settings, skinned in TouchFLO 3D.

Thanks for the tip, Nishanth!

(via: UDK)

And also, here is video that shows the new feature in action (thanks drphysx)

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