The Saygus V2 emerged as one of the surprise hits of CES 2015, interesting because of its solid hardware and the presence of dual microSD expansion slots, which when coupled with the phone’s own 64GB internal storage, and a pair of 128GB microSD cards, outfits the phone with an impressive 320GB of data capacity. In the time since, Saygus had begun taking pre-registration for the smartphone in advance of full-on pre-orders, promising to share those details today. Sure enough, we’ve now got the full scoop on V2 pre-orders, getting underway this coming Monday.

Saygus had earlier revealed that the V2 would sell for under $600, and while that’s ultimately true, at $599 we might as well just call it $600. The good news is that pre-order customers will get an extra discount, and be able to pick up the phone for closer to $550.

You can still register your email between now and Monday, when pre-orders open just before the stroke of midnight Mountain (2am Eastern, 7am GMT), securing your chance to get a spot on the pre-order list. Better still, shoppers who pre-register will get an extra battery and removable glass screen protector with their order for free. We’re still not sure when the hardware will actually ship, but combined with the $50 discount, that’s a nice carrot to dangle in front of users thinking about placing their orders early.

Source: Saygus

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