We last covered smartphone startup Saygus over a year ago after it made enough money to produce the no-compromise dream phone of 2015. At that point, there was still no product on the market and the Snapdragon 801 was dying its slow death.

Never mind one year after, it’s now two years after we put hands on the V2, now officially renamed the V Squared. And we’re getting into our third generation departed from the original chipset equipped on the device. But there’s some credit where credit’s due as the company has kept people informed of developments on Twitter — like wireless HDMI, Samsung trash talk and a rant against failing Qualcomm referrals and ODMs leading to all the delays that Saygus has trudged through.

It is now making more promises for those who jumped on Indiegogo to support the device two years ago. Android Police picked up on the tweet that Saygus made in November, claiming that original pre-orders will be fulfilled with a phone with a Snapdragon 801, but would be replaced with a Snapdragon 820 unit.

Now, the promise is being updated with a replacement Snapdragon 835 unit being promised.

The company still has plenty to prove and it will continue to be accused of producing plain ‘ol vaporware. So, here’s to hoping that we can stave off a scam, not just an extremely disappointing phone, left behind in the dust. Hey, maybe 2017 will be the dream year of revival for telephony obscura.

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