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Save up to 61% on these recently-launched Mac apps

By Pocketnow Digital Offers February 12, 2021, 6:00 am
Mac apps

If you snagged one of these recent deals on brand new MacBooks, you probably can’t wait to put it to good use. However, a Mac is only as good as the apps you have installed, so we’ve rounded up 5 deals on the best Mac apps that have recently launched. 

AirBuddy: Connect AirPods to Your Mac

Connecting your AirPods to your Mac is unnecessarily complicated; don’t you wish it was just like connecting to your iPhone? With AirBuddy, all you have to do is flip your case open while next to your Mac to connect. AirBuddy illustrates your AirPods’ current status and offers gestures and shortcuts to change listening modes, mic input, volume, and more. 


Get AirBuddy: Connect AirPods to Your Mac for $8.99 (Reg. 10).

Disk Drill PRO 4: Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee

Hard drives will all fail eventually, but if one of your drives dies on you unexpectedly, you’ll need a backup plan to retrieve important files. Disk Drill Pro can recover lost documents and even entire partitions at the click of a button. It also offers tools to monitor the health of your storage drives so that you can proactively avoid data loss.

Get a Disk Drill PRO 4: Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee for $49.99 (Reg. 118).

Morph Age: Image Morphing & Warping for Mac

Image morphing is a fun way to play with your favorite pictures, especially pictures of friends and family. With Morph Age, you can morph a pet into a totally different animal, or vice versa! The app also has effects like colorizing and warping, and each morph can be saved as a video file to share with your loved ones. Morph Age has earned a stellar 5/5 stars from MacUpdate users so far. 

Get a Morph Age: Image Morphing & Warping for Mac for $19.95 (Reg. 49).

The 2021 Mac Utility Bundle

This bundle features 5 convenient utility apps that give your Mac additional functionality. For instance, Markdown+ is an excellent text editor if you write for a living, whereas AppKiller is a must-have if you hate dealing with pesky apps that never close. 

Get The 2021 Mac Utility Bundle for $19.99 (Reg. 51).

Yummy Video Downloader for Mac: Lifetime Subscription

If Yummy Video Downloader caught your eye in the previous deal, you can purchase this app alone for just $10. Yummy lets you download audio and video from sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Dailymotion. Just find the media you want to save, drag and drop it into Yummy, and download it in your preferred format.

Get Yummy Video Downloader for Mac: Lifetime Subscription for $9.99 (Reg. 14).


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