Satya Nadella doesn’t define success in mobile by its market share

One thing that’s no secret is that Microsoft has struggled with its mobile platform for years. After being the market leader for years last decade, the company hasn’t found the right approach to regain its popularity after the launch of competitors like Android and iOS. We do know that Microsoft wants its company to focus on “Mobile and Cloud first,” and Microsoft’s new CEO explains how he measures success.

In a recent luncheon with Seattle’s Chamber of Commerce, Nadella was approached about the direction that Microsoft is steering with all the recent changes. Seattle Chamber President and CEO Maud Daudon asked, “How do you see yourself positioning Microsoft to increase its market share to become an even stronger competitor?” And to which Nadella replied:

“When we define mobile in the marketplace, we don’t think of it by today’s market share positions on a given form factor. Devices and device sizes will come and go, even within a single year, you will be changing multiple phones. It’s more about the mobility. In fact, if there’s anything central to our vision, it’s don’t think of the device at the center, think of the individual, the people at the center. And then have the platforms and productivity experiences get built with that at the center.”

You could call this a very vague reply that tries to push Microsoft as a company that’s not struggling with issues, but there is a point in the fact that Mobile should be about more than just the device. Sadly for this to happen, customers need to actually use a product, and that should be reflected in the company’s market share, something that Microsoft needs to work on urgently.

Source: Geekwire
Via: WPCentral

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