Someone associated with Google may have took the pains to mask the device from reveal more of its true self than it could have. Maybe someone’s cutting us loose and losing us at sea.

In any case, a Geekbench benchmark listing was published on Friday with a device name of “Google Pixel 4.”

A Pixel 4 getting caught out on a benchmarking service some 8 months before its next tick-tock date? It’s happened before, but we have evidence pointing to the contrary.

See, the motherboard was called out as “sargo,” alternately called white seabream. Google has a tendency of giving codenames to its Nexus and Pixel phones related to fish. And in this case, we saw this name attributed to the Pixel 3 Lite in previous leaks.

Android 10 is featured as the operating system while an unknown octa-core Qualcomm systems-on-a-chip is running the show with a top speed of 1.8GHz. The hardware racked up 744 points on a single-core test and 3,201 with a multi-core trial.

There is 2GB of RAM. All prior chatter saw at least 4GB of RAM on this thing. We shall see.

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