SanDisk releases 400GB microSD card for $249.99

Has the phrase “microSD card support of up to 2TB” puzzled you? Everyone knows the practical limit these days is 256GB and the supply-demand plots have yet to make a 512GB card feasible. Well, there’s always room to grow and for SanDisk, that next mark is for 400GB.

Its parent company, Western Digital, announced its first 400GB microSD card with UHS-I class speeds of up to 100MB per second and is certified with the A1 rating for integrated storage with Android devices — meaning that apps will be able to load off the card quick and easy. Unfortunately, you won’t get desirable speeds for 4K streams up and down, but high-bitrate 1080p is pretty good.

While that limitation makes the $249.99 MSRP a little steep for our tastes, remember that when SanDisk’s 200GB card came out two years ago, it was $240. Also keep in mind that full SD card support on mobile phones just really isn’t a thing. and other outlets will have sales up soon.

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