Samsung’s Viv on the Galaxy S8 could have characters called Bixby and Kestra

Multiple trademark applications filed at Korean and European intellectual property regulators are showing off what may become of Samsung’s acquired Viv artificial intelligence technology on the Galaxy S8.

The chaebol announced that a voice assistant would debut with the new phone(s) this coming spring. Sure, you might consider them a dime for a dozen these days, but Samsung is tops when it comes to global smartphone sales volume. The chaebol would have a domain to command over and mine data from if it established an assistant. But in order to do that, the AI will need to act a little more like a human. Part of that begins with giving the voice that a customer will be talking with a name.

The KIPRIS and EUIPO have entries for different pronunciations and spellings of “Bixby” and “Kestra” [PDF download] filed under Samsung’s banner. Both of them are proposed to be used for purposes related to smartphones, software and/or hardware for dictation, voice recognition and other intelligent tasks requiring voice control. The likeliest scenario the two words will be used in will be in naming two voices or characters that might fall under a unified “S Voice” or “Viv” service. is also speculating that the two may refer to names of individual services provided by the new service.

Samsung acquired Viv Labs, the artificial intelligence company founded by one of the co-creators of Siri, in October.

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