Exec says Samsung’s all-in on Tizen for smartphones

The idea of Samsung moving its future smartphone releases from Android to Tizen has been around since it took up the operating system in some of its mobile electronics.

And then, the smartwatches started picking up steam. As more of its smart appliances started picking up the open-source operating system, Tizen seemed to be a more tenable operating system for Samsung to capitalize on with its outstanding smartphone market share.

Well, one unnamed executive at the company told The Korea Times this week that it will reduce Android’s presence on its products in favor of Tizen. The only reason it’s taken so long for it to actually happen was because of the chaebol’s sluggish development pace in its ecosystem. But as “Samsung is getting much better” in that aspect, the source believes that Tizen will definitely aid it in pivoting from a business-to-consumer focus over to business-to-business.

Samsung’s move to flood the Indian market with its “Z-branded Tizen-powered phones” was a “litmus test” in this scheme. With 64 million unit sales, it could be deemed a success.

The chaebol is incentivizing developers to Tizen, but the anonymous executive didn’t go into detail about how.

Source: The Korea Times
Via: Neowin

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