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Samsung’s 5nm production plans may be delayed because of COVID-19

By Samuel Martinez April 13, 2020, 11:59 pm

Samsung is currently one of the largest chip makers in the world. It planned to start 5nm mass production in the upcoming months to have more than enough chipsets ready for their devices and to supply the demand of its customers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is also affecting Samsung’s plans, and this could translate to huge losses for the Korean tech giant and other companies that wanted to start working 5nm chipsets.

According to Business Korea, ASML is having difficulties exporting its extreme ultraviolet solutions from the Netherlands because of the COVID-19. The ASML is the only supplier in the world for EUV equipment that’s necessary for semiconductor manufacturing. This directly affects Samsung and other companies that wanted to start mas producing chipsets. TSMC is another company that could be affected by this issue. This would carry on to create an inevitable delay in production that would translate to significant losses.

This delay could also make TSMC increase the gap between other companies since its better prepared as far as 5nm production goes. Samsung planned to start mass production of the X60 modem by the end of June, and if this doesn’t happen, it would mean that Samsung could have problems having enough modems for its smartphones and being able to supply its many clients.

Source SamMobile

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