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Samsung Z Fold 4 to use a unique dual-sided under-display fingerprint sensor

By Roland Udvarlaki October 11, 2021, 12:30 pm
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 double-sided fingerprint sensor leak

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of the best foldable devices in 2021, but it lacks a lot of the high-end functionality that some other cheaper flagship devices have built-in, such as an under-display fingerprint scanner. The Z Fold 3 does somewhat makeup with its under-display camera, but as we have all found out, it’s not yet ready to be used in more mainstream devices due to its low quality.

According to a new patent filing, the next generation Galaxy Z Fold 4 aims to bring some changes, including the new under-display fingerprint sensor. LetsGoDigital found the new patents and sketched up some images of how the new technology could look and work like on the upcoming device, which will likely be released sometime in August 2022.


The new fingerprint sensor is shown as a double-sided sensor that would sit between the cover screen and the main screen. SamMobile also states that since the cover screen uses a traditional AMOLED panel, it should have no issues authenticating fingerprints, much like how it’s done on other well-known devices and the other Galaxies even.

While the patent doesn’t explicitly mention anything, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 could very well use both an ultrasonic and an optical fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s side-mounted fingerprint sensor works perfectly, and I personally never once experienced any issues with it. It works perfectly for making payments, authenticating the device, and just about anything you can imagine. It would be great to see a double-sided fingerprint sensor on the upcoming device, or perhaps a combination of the two since Samsung likes to go all out on its foldable devices. Samsung, however, may opt for the double-sided fingerprint sensor to claim the “I am first” title.

What are your thoughts about the new double-sided fingerprint sensor that may be in the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4? Do make sure to take this with a grain of salt as we are more than a year away from having anything concrete, and nothing is finalized at this stage.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

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