Samsung Windows Phone 7 Pre-NoDo Update Issues Continue?

Long story short: Windows Phone 7‘s first update — the one before NoDo — generated a couple of issues with Samsung devices and Microsoft pulled it. Yesterday Redmond re-released the update after “the engineering team has pinpointed and fixed problems” but it looks like some users are continuing to have difficulties applying.

Contrary to our reader Alex Bustamante — who told us his Focus successfully updated to build 7008 — some other Samsung Windows Phone 7 owners have difficulties applying the update. WindowsPhoneSupport tweeted that they are aware of the error code, 800705B4, and they are working on it.

After a little research we found that the error code 800705B4 usually refers to a bad driver installation. Upon updating Windows Phone 7 handsets, they reboot and enter an “update mode” while connected via USB. At that point, the computer platform needs to install a driver upon recognizing the new hardware. The aforementioned error code might have something to do with the actual hardware driver needed and not the update itself. Our LG Optimus 7 hardware driver seems to have properly installed as you can see in figure five of our update process.

On the other hand, WindowsPhoneSupport suggests people using and trying to update from Windows Phone Connector on OS X to hold off until they investigate an issue. Unfortunately, the combination of Windows Phone Connector on OS X and Samsung Omnia 7 seems to harm the smartphone which “freezes on the screen with the image stating you shouldn’t eject and Windows Phone” — hopefully recoverable.

We really hope Microsoft will be able to address these “isolated” issues quickly for the affected users’ sake as well as their own, before the actual NoDo roll-out process scheduled for beginning of March suffers any more delays.

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Via: Windows Phone Thoughts

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