Samsung’s world-first UFS memory cards go up to 256GB, crushing microSD speeds

You probably don’t remember this, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 lacked microSD support, integrating an innovative technology called UFS (Universal Flash Storage) that would have been severely slowed down by traditional external memory cards.

The GS7, however, found a way to mate UFS 2.0 and microSD features without you even noticing it, while back in February, the road was paved for a GNote 7 packing blazing-fast 256GB flash memory chips.

Samsung is always thinking about the “next big thing”, and earlier today, we may have received indirect confirmation for the first groundbreaking technology supported by the Galaxy S8. This one’s kind of a huge deal if you’re into hoarding HD movies and high-quality photos, which will be made easier and faster on UFS memory cards ranging from 32 to 256GB in capacity.

Designed primarily for use in DSLRs, 3D VR cameras or drones, these aim to make the microSD standard obsolete with SATA SSD-rivaling sequential read speeds of up to 530MB/s, and a 35,000 random IOPS writing rate which is roughly 350 times higher than that of a “typical microSD card.”

Although it’s not explicitly mentioned in the company’s press release, we don’t see why the world’s first Universal Flash Storage cards wouldn’t work on future Galaxy flagships, possibly starting with the S8 or perhaps foldable X.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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