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Samsung won’t ship Galaxy S21 series with a charger, reveal certification documents

By Nadeem Sarwar December 7, 2020, 7:02 pm
Samsung Galaxy S21+

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, the company revealed that the retail package won’t include a charging brick. This move drew the ire of many potential buyers and was even mocked by rivals, one of whom was Samsung. Now, Samsung is planning to do the same thing that it ridiculed Apple for – not including a charger or headphones in the Galaxy S21 series’ retail package, at least in some regions. We’ve been hearing rumors of Samsung walking this path for a while now, but certification documents by Anatel have more or less confirmed it.

Ah, the irony!

Samsung charger certification anatel pocketnow
The Anatel certification says the Galaxy S21 won’t come bundled with a charger or headphones, at least in Brazil.

The certification documents, which are publicly accessible from this page, clearly mention that the upcoming flagship won’t include a charger or headphones in the retail package. This is a sharp U-turn for Samsung, as the company made fun of Apple for not offering a charger with its pricey iPhone 12 offerings. However, Samsung quickly deleted its Facebook, apparently because the company had a similar (and controversial) move in the pipeline for its upcoming flagship portfolio.

Samsung mocks Apple

Well, hello there!

Galaxy S21 series might not have it easy though

But before you start worrying, do keep in mind that this is an Anatel certification we’re talking about, which covers Brazil. So, Samsung might offer a charging brick alongside the Galaxy S21 series smartphones in certain regions. Interestingly, the consumer protection agency of Brazil’s São Paulo state recently ordered Apple to include a charger in the retail package of the iPhone 12 series smartphones. So, it would be fascinating to see how Samsung manages to sell the Galaxy S21 series in the Latin American country without bundling a charging brick in the retail package.

We accessed a few additional “CERTIFICATE OF TECHNICAL CONFORMITY” documents on the Anatel database for the battery of three separate devices carrying the model numbers EB-BG991ABY (likely the Galaxy S21 with a 4,000mAh battery), EB-BG996ABY (most probably the Galaxy S21+ packing a 4.800mAh juicer), and EB-BG998ABY (rocking a 5,000 mAh battery pack and likely the Ultra model). The chargers are listed carrying the model number EP-TA800 (and EP-TA800B) for at least one of the Galaxy S21 series phones.


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