Windows Phone developers have a dizzying assortment of options for unlocking their smartphones, granting differing levels of access to the system. While the most popular may be the official Microsoft unlock, which was also offered through Chevron Labs, there are also interop unlocks and fully-unlocked ROMs. That last option is arguably the most appealing for users looking to get really down-and-dirty with custom software, allowing for the execution of native code as used in projects like the Opera Mobile port we told you about in December. Problem was, those unlocked ROM options have been thus far limited to HTC devices. That’s no longer the case, with custom ROMs finally arriving for a couple Samsung models.

The Dark Forces Team returns with its Sammy Rainbow project, offering unlocked Freedom ROMs for first-generation Samsung Windows Phone hardware. If you’ve got an Omnia 7, or either version of the original Focus, you can get started with the process by installing the custom MAGLDR bootloader.

Flashing is rarely for the faint of heart, and that’s no exception here. You can kiss your phone’s warranty goodbye, and there’s no guaranteeing the new ROMs will behave as you expect them to; there are admittedly reports of USB-related problems. That said, this is huge news for the Windows Phone development community, making us hopeful we’ll see unlocked ROMs for even more Windows Phone gear.

Source: XDA-Developers forum

Via: WMPoweruser

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