High-quality images depicting mystery Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset randomly show up

Samsung likes to dabble in as many tech market categories as possible, often employing a product release strategy where pretty much everything is thrown against the wall to see what sticks.

That said, it’s a little surprising to see the constantly risk-taking chaebol playing it relatively safe in the virtual reality hardware arena, with a low-cost Gear VR frequently refreshed and rehashed, but that long-rumored standalone edition still needing a good polish.

In the meantime, the world’s number one smartphone vendor could very soon join Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo in selling Microsoft-coordinated Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

We don’t have a name or a likely launch date for Samsung’s rookie effort in this market segment, but judging from the looks of the immersive device rendered in a quartet of high-res press images, its commercial rollout may even happen in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Of course, the illustrations could be part of a big, elaborated hoax, as the Twitter user who somehow unearthed them refuses to take any “responsibilities”, recommending we view the leak with caution.

That said, there’s nothing that strikes us as implausible about the mysterious headset… apart from Microsoft and Samsung’s total silence on a partnership of this sort. The manufacturer’s logo is present, Redmond’s controllers are around to presumably escort the head-mounted display to market, and we might even get a nice pair of built-in AKG headphones for extra-immersive sound.

AKG, remember, is a Harman subsidiary, which was in turn acquired by Samsung earlier this year. As far as retail pricing goes, based on the headset’s decent but not exactly unique looks, we’d guess anywhere between $300 and $400, controllers not included.

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