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Samsung will bring OIS tech to mid-range Galaxy A-series smartphones in 2021: Report

By Nadeem Sarwar July 15, 2020, 11:36 am

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series smartphones have managed to leave a mark in the mid-range segment, with the likes of Galaxy A51 lately receiving a warm reception. Now, Samsung is planning to bring a high-end camera feature that has so far remained exclusive to flagship smartphones, and that flagship feature is called Optical Image Stabilization.

As per a new report from Korea-based TheElec, Samsung is planning to bring Optical Image Stabilization to Galaxy A-series smartphones, which is definitely good news for potential buyers. However, buyers will have to wait a bit as OIS will make its way to Galaxy A-series smartphones only in 2021.

The report adds that the sales figure of flagships has been dwindling over the years, which has left Samsung to focus on the mid-range lineup. So far, it is unclear which Galaxy A-series smartphones will get OIS next year, but given the high price at which the hardware comes, the Galaxy A7x lineup will likely be the first to get this highly-desirable camera upgrade.

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