Behind the scenes at MWC, Samsung was playing with new OLED technology for phones

Whispers about Samsung’s mystical prototype devices that it would showcase inside of a dark corner at MWC 2017 look to be confirmed, but it’s more about the technology that may or may not come inside of the Galaxy S8 rather than the bendy screens of a foldable phone.

The Korea Herald reports from a source inside the private showcase that Samsung has been experimenting with force touch technology for the S8, though what software was shown may not be able to be polished in time for the phone’s commercial release.

Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays may also get brighter as it is testing units without a polarizing layer. Of course, the question of how to deal with interfering light remains, but we don’t have any word about a solution to that. There were also test units without blue subpixels that are intending to cater to the colorblind population.

Finally, the chaebol let loose a VR headset with a display density of 1,200 pixels per inch. The company’s research found that content above 1,500ppi tends to cause significantly less motion sickness and discomfort. That number seems to be the goal in the coming months.

While foldable phones weren’t at MWC, the company decided to present prototypes to some carriers.

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