A few weeks ago we shared with you a story out of South Korea, claiming that Samsung was running into some manufacturing issues with the array of six lenses making up the Galaxy S5’s main camera, and that the company was scrambling to improve yield rates, lest there be a shortage of the smartphone for its retail debut. While that news didn’t come off as very positive for Samsung, it wasn’t that far out of the ordinary for the kind of rumors we generally hear about new high-profile phones. For some reason, though, this one really managed to ruffle Samsung’s feathers, and the company is pursuing damages against The Electronic Times for its report.

The news agency seems to be standing by its claim, saying the story as reported “fits the facts” and “is not a false alarm,” but Samsung is undeterred in its actions, and seeks remediation through South Korea’s Press Arbitration Commission. All told, Samsung is hoping to get a little under $300,000 for what it sees as a misleading report.

It’s very unusual for a smartphone manufacturer to come after the press like this, and how this case goes threatens to make waves throughout the industry; will agencies think twice about publishing claims that could paint a device in a negative light, fearing the manufacturer’s retaliation? The Electronic Times is one of our regular sources for information about upcoming devices from both Samsung and LG, so you had better believe that we’re quite interested in seeing how these proceedings play out.

Source: Media Today (Google Translate)
Via: Android and Me

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