Even though Apple pretty much depends on its partnership with Samsung for the existence of most of its products, their rivalry is already a viral topic. At this point the last thing we remember is of Apple winning the patent lawsuit and forcing Samsung to pay hundreds of millions in damages. Samsung on the other hand has tried its way to not have to pay the damages to Apple, and some cases have succeeded and others haven’t.

Samsung has just filed court documents to take this whole patent dispute to the U.S. Supreme Court. Samsung was already able to shed off almost $500 million in damages with all of its recent court moves, but given the fact that there is still another good $500 million to pay, all this filing is happening after the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals denied going further. The last thing left on Samsung’s table is the Supreme Court, and that’s just what’s about to happen.

We do know that Samsung has gained the sympathy of Google over this whole patent debate, particularly because of how this win would hinder the progress of other smartphone OEMs. Let’s see how the Supreme Court feels about all this.

Source: San Jose Mercury News
Via: Android Central

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