Samsung made it pretty hard last year to continue recommending purchases of officially unlocked Galaxy flagships stateside, but if you chose to ignore all the red flags, the time has finally come to rejoice. Mere hours after the Note 8, both the S8 and S8+ are reportedly receiving over-the-air Oreo updates in their non-carrier-specific variants.

We’re talking SM-G950UZKAXAA and SM-G955UZKAXAA models, currently fetching $600 and $690 respectively at Best Buy after recent discounts, and Android 8.0 goodie packs that have already made their way to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on all four major US networks.

It’s definitely late for these two powerful, beautiful, well-reviewed phones released just last year to score promotions to an OS version that’s almost eight months old, but at least Samsung manages to deliver on its most recent promise. Free of carrier bloat, the software update is still massive, tipping the scales at over 1.3GB, so you’ll want to fill your Galaxy S8 battery up, perhaps clear up some storage space and stay on a strong Wi-Fi connection for its OTA download and installation.

Nothing will be the same anymore, from emoji designs to boot speeds, general device performance, security, multitasking, notifications, and yes, even Bixby. Don’t be shocked if there are still a few minor bugs in need of fixing down the line, although unexpected reboots are definitely a thing of the past.

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