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Samsung updates Galaxy Watch 4 series with new features, straps, and watch faces

By Roland Udvarlaki February 7, 2022, 6:00 pm
LI Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 February Software update Source: Samsung

Samsung today announced a new update that will soon roll out to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic smartwatches. The new features continue improving the user experience and help people track their fitness activities and meet their fitness and wellness goals. Samsung announced that it is bringing improvements such as advanced interval training to help cyclists and runners, a new sleep coaching program, new body composition insights, upgraded watch faces, and more stylish straps.

Body Composition

The new body composition update will provide users with more insight into their health progress. Samsung Health will also provide more body composition insights powered by Centr, a digital fitness program curated by Chris Hemsworth. Users will also receive a 30-day trial for full access to Centr, where they can focus on health and fitness.


Samsung also has a new interval target feature that’s especially aimed at runners and cyclists, and it will help users pre-set the duration, distance, and a number of sets for workouts. The Galaxy Watch 4 Series will let users set a custom intensity training session with a series of high-intensity workouts, interspersed with low-intensity workouts, helping people meet their targets. Samsung also mentioned that they’d continue working with other top-ranked applications, such as Adidas Running, and Strava.


Galaxy Watch 4 Sleep Symbol Animals
Galaxy Watch 4 Sleep Symbol Animals
Source: Samsung

Samsung included a new sleep coaching program to help users develop better sleeping habits. In the new update, users will have to track their sleep patterns over a seven-day period and complete two related sleep surveys. The program will then assign one of the eight sleep symbol animals representing the user’s sleep type. The tool will guide users through a four to five-week coaching program that will include missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation guidance, and regular reports to support users as they improve their sleep quality.

The new update will also recognize when users fall asleep, and it will automatically turn off SmartThings enabled lights to help create better sleeping conditions.

More Watch Faces and Straps

New Galaxy Watch straps
New Galaxy Watch straps
Source: Samsung

Samsung continues to add even more customization options to its smartwatches, and the company brought brand new watch faces and even more straps. The new watch faces come with more colors and digital clock fonts. The new straps are now also available in burgundy and cream, and the fabric ban and link bracelet will give people a more personalized look.

Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4 series and more

Perhaps one of the biggest news today is the announcement of Google Assistant coming to Galaxy Watch 4 series. Previously, the Watch 4 smartwatches only come with Samsung’s own Bixby smart assistant. Users will be able to select from either Google Assistant or Bixby to ask questions, control smart home appliances, and more. The only downside is that the feature is still months away, but at least we know that it's coming soon.

Samsung will also enable users to stream music over Wi-Fi or LTE from YouTube Music on the Galaxy Watch 4 series. This will allow users to leave their phones behind and still enjoy music while on-the-go.


The new software features will be available via a software update via the Galaxy Wearable app for both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches. The update will start rolling out on February 9, on the day of the Samsung Unpacked event. The new straps will become available later in February.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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