Samsung Unveils TecTiles For NFC-Enabled Phones

If you missed out on our first episode of “Fun and Tricks with NFC and Your Android” now it’s the time to watch it and return to this post once you’re done. Make sure to check out the second part of the video coming soon! Now that we all know what this is all about, Samsung introduced TecTiles and its TecTile application.

TecTiles are basically programmable NFC tags which you can use with an NFC-equipped smartphone. These will become available “in all four major carrier stores and at major online retailers at the launch of the Galaxy S III”. Programmable actions include sending messages as well as applying a specific setup (profile) when inside a meeting or outdoors/in the car — to automatically change the volume, brightness, turn WiFi on or off, etc. TecTiles will also allow for Facebook and Foursquare checkins. The entire list of programmable actions can be found below (and tags can be programmed as many times as you wish):

Settings and Applications:

  • – Change phone settings (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ringer/media volume, screen brightness, etc.)
  • – Launch an application
  • – Join a Wi-Fi Network
  • – Show a message



  • – Make a call
  • – Send a text message
  • – Start a Google Talk conversation
  • – Share a contact or business card


Location and Web:

  • – Show an address on a map
  • – Open a web page
  • – Foursquare or Facebook check-in



  • – Automatic Facebook “Like”
  • – Update Facebook status
  • – Post a tweet or follow a contact on Twitter
  • – Connect on LinkedIn


The TecTile application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store read & write TecTile NFC Programmable Tags. The TecTile package will go for $14.99 and contains five NFC tags.

Source: Samsung, Google Play

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