The 2014 IFA expo is only a month away at this point, when smartphone manufacturers the world around will descend on Berlin to show off their latest wares. We’re expecting a lot of new hardware to make its debut, and the companies behind all this gear have already started scheduling their announcements; just last week, we learned of Sony’s plans for a September 3 press conference. Now another bigwig has shared its IFA plans, as Samsung reveals the timing for its next Unpacked event, also scheduled to take place on September 3.

Samsung’s event should get underway a couple hours in advance of Sony’s, and there are a whole bunch of new devices we’re looking forward to seeing announced. Top on that list is the Galaxy Note 4, and with all Samsung’s talk of new materials and new form factors, the phablet could take a major departure from the sort designs we’ve seen in the first three years the series has been in existence. New sensors could also make an appearance, like that UV detector we’ve heard mentioned.

We’re also looking forward to seeing what Samsung has cooked-up with its Gear VR, following several leaks detailing the hardware and its corresponding software. The idea of a VR headset that still needs a phone to act as its display sounded like a bit of a hack at first, though a look inside the current Oculus Rift dev kit, which itself uses the display panel from last year’s Galaxy Note 3, has us reconsidering our Gear VR expectations for the better.

Beyond that, we might hope to see something of the Galaxy Alpha (at least, if it doesn’t debut a couple weeks in advance of IFA, like we’ve been hearing lately), and based on the sheer number of wearables Samsung has launched in the past yeasr, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some new entries along that line, as well. We could also get a few surprises – maybe a new Galaxy Round (at least, if Samsung doesn’t use all its flexible screen tech on the Note 4 itself)? Could the Samsung Z make a showing? What are you hoping Samsung will bring to announce?

Source: Samsung
Via: Android Headlines

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