As of today, we are a scant three weeks away from the start of the 2014 Mobile World Congress, and as those weeks start falling off our calendars, you had better believe that we’re going to be hearing a lot about what we can expect from the show. Some manufacturers have already started sending out invitations for their own MWC events; Nokia’s, for instance, arrived quite early, about a week-and-a-half back. Tonight we get word of another big name and its own MWC event, as Samsung begins distribution of invitations to its Unpacked 5.

Just like Nokia, Samsung’s not waiting around any, and its event is similarly scheduled for the first day of MWC, Monday February 24. While Nokia’s is first thing in the morning, Samsung intends to round-out the day with its 8pm CET news – that’s 2pm Eastern, if you’re keeping track.

But for the big question: what will Samsung reveal? Or more to the point: will the Galaxy S 5 be there?

Well, we sure had been expecting to hear of a GS5 launch in March, but now we’re second-guessing ourselves. Remember, last year there was no Samsung Unpacked event at MWC at all – we did see the Galaxy Note 8.0 launch, but that was really it. In fact, it was right in the middle of MWC 2013 when Samsung sent out invites to the Unpacked event that would ultimately launch the GS4.

And just as last year’s invite played on the device name in the invitation (asking if we were “ready 4 the show”) this one has that tantalizing superscript 5, which we would just love to believe means that an early look at the Galaxy S 5 is in store for us.

Is that what will actually happen? There’s also a lot of other Samsung gear we’re hoping to see, like Tizen devices and new WP8 phones, so this could be one crowded event. Keep checking back with us over the next three weeks for any updates that come our way, and be sure to swing back around on Monday, February 24 to get that answer once and for all.

Source: Samsung

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